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Copyright DavidTelecom.NL

Copyright DavidTelecom.NL

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All word and logos of Apple, iPhone, Apple Lightning, Samsung, Galaxy, Sony, HTC, Huawei, Nokia and BlackBerry on this site are NOT owned by DavidTelecom.NL and are used for compatibility purposes only.

All brand names and logos such as Apple, iPhone, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Huawei, Nokia and BlackBerry on this site are not owned by DavidTelecom.NL and used only for compatibility purposes, unless otherwise indicated.

This site is protected by copyright. This site is intended for our customers' own or internal use, whereby it is not permitted to reproduce the site other than by downloading and viewing it on a single computer, and/or printing a single hard copy. It is not permitted to reproduce this site in any other way, to forward it or to make it available on a network without prior written permission from DavidTelecom.NL. It is not allowed to frame this site.

It is NOT allowed to download, copy or use the images for any purpose without permission from DavidTelecom.NL.

In the event of a violation of or an infringement of the aforementioned copyrights, DavidTelecom.NL is entitled to use the legal means at its disposal to legally prosecute the infringer(s).

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